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The very Italian Style

Wholesale of Italian clothing and accessories



uxaly Srl is an Italian company oriented towards the production and commercialization of high quality products, among which the topic elements are the classic clothing for men and women, as well as sports and formal apparel and a wide range of different accessories (leather gloves, shoes, belts, scarves and many others).

We can produce complete clothing and fulfill all the basic element of the very Italian quality fashion look:

Men and women ’s outerwear, jackets, coat, formal dress, casual dress, suit, vesture, vest, blouse, shirt, trousers, knitwear, sweaters, men’s footwear, sneakers,

in short all a person needs to feel good and have a perfect up-to-date style.

We give a very high attention to the fashion trend and we follow all the new tendencies in the fashion field, having a strong specialization that permits us to suit the need and the requirements to accompany every customer in the selection of fashionable and elegant products.

Luxaly Srl is the synonym of professionalism and reliability required and made essential in the nowadays luxury trade.

Our key points are:

- Quality of the tissues;

- Personalized service, on request also with the customer's logo;

- Minimization of management and financial impact on customers, by means of an innovative service in the supply management;

- Use of Italian handicraft products.

We offer impeccable and flawless performances with the guarantee of high quality services for our customers, thanks to our team for which "the best" is the normal standard.

We can well offer a customized service, with a dressmaker who complements our production of the standard models with the aim to satisfy the customer who want the perfection in his wearability.

Desired, coveted, envied, objects of unparalleled beauty, elegance and creativity are the pride of Luxaly Srl collections, with the help of a team of qualified staff, manages to make dynamic and easily the most demanding requirements. Constant research of new fashion materials and accessories, the creativity of Made in Italy and flexibility to satisfy our customers’ requests are the key of our success.

The creation of an unique and nonpareil products, with us is no longer a simple concept, is our certitude because the mission of Luxaly Srl is to offer the maximum efficiency, precision, exclusivity and confidentiality combined with a large selection of quality products.

We are the perfect partner to rely on in the fashion and quality market, do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiry you may have, we will be at your complete disposal, in different foreign languages also

Let’s do fashion with you!


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